About Us

Moran Drummer, LLC specializes in helping businesses avoid costly marketing mistakes. We work with small- and mid-size companies that are organized to produce and sell products and services — they may have some terrific ideas about getting their products to market but may not be organized to market efficiently. One reason may be that they have their myriad daily duties to tend to. What we do is work with businesses to help them pinpoint and then pursue relevant opportunities that support their businesses' strategies.


Our capabilities include consulting, outsourcing, execution, and support providing the following marketing services: market research, concept & message development, copywriting, visual design, Internet marketing, public relations, sales support, internal communications, advertising, and project planning & management.

Projects and deliverables:

A few of the important initiatives carried out for several of our clients include:

Market research, database marketing, telephone selling, proposal development, direct mail, op-ed articles, press releases, and trade advertising

Solutions Selling™ messaging and integrated marketing materials including website, trade show marketing, video testimonials, print brochures, and pr

Core message development, brand identity, marketing collateral, design standards and graphic templates for use by in-house support staff

Brand identity and pre-launch marketing materials

Market segmentation, identity design, and sales-support materials



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